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  • Canadian Paintball Team 'Barely Feels' Hits with GelDefender Head Pads




    GelDefender head pads have breached new frontier: the paintball field. Canadian paintball team Urban Conflict tried out our head pads on the field and performed their version of ballistics testing, and the pads passed with flying colors. The team even made two in-depth videos about the head pads’ usefulness and performance.


    Paintballs fly at about 250 ft/sec, so getting hit in the head is no laughing matter. And since most wear only face masks for protection, their heads are left completely exposed to head shots. Though often these shots are celebrated by those who shoot them and worn as badges of honor by those who are shot, the risks associated can outweigh the benefits.


    So Urban Conflict decided to do something about it. After researching products, they decided to get several head pads from us and put them through their paces. The results speak for themselves. Both in combat, where those wearing head pads had no injuries from head shots, and in the improvised tests, during which the pads were pitted against all manner of guns at all sorts of distances, the GelDefender head pads went above and beyond the call of duty in protecting the players.


    In the first video, the team spends the first 5 minutes and 30 seconds or so discussing the need for head protection in paintball and the rest of the video talking about the merits of GelDefender head pads in particular. The second video chronicles their testing the pads on a dummy Styrofoam head. About 4 minutes in, one man even agrees to be shot in the head. His response: “I barely felt that.”


    *Scientists have no conclusive evidence as to whether or how the reduction of g forces during impacts reduces the number or degree of concussions and head injuries. GelDefenderTM products provide supplemental padding as well as cooling and comfort benefits when used with helmets and caps. Participants in activities in which head impacts can occur should always use tested and approved helmets for protection. However, no helmet or supplemental padding can protect the user from all serious head or neck injuries that can result from impacts.

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