GelDefender® skull caps are made from Impact Gel®—a product derived from natural oils with exceptional properties for dissipating the energy from impacts. GelDefender® Skull Caps are so light players will hardly notice them.

GelDefender® products fit youths and adults with four head sizes, 6 to 8. They cover the side of the head above the ears, the temples, the forehead, and the rear and crown of the head.

Our Max style has maximum versatility for use with any helmet or by itself for non-helmet sports such as basketball and soccer.

Our Diamond style is designed to fit inside the headband of baseball and softball caps.

Our new MaxPlus style has all the features of the Max, plus a spandex covering to enhance fit and ease of use with football and other tight-fitting helmets.

Click here for our video on how to wear GelDefender® skull caps.