Play it cool and comfortable with GelDefenderTM Skull Caps.

Our Max style has maximum versatility. It can be used with any sports or recreation helmet, or by itself for non-helmet activities such as basketball and soccer.

Our Diamond style is specifically designed to fit inside the headband of baseball and softball caps.

GelDefenderTM Skull Caps use Impact Gel® instead of fabric to add an extra layer of padding, improve fit and comfort, and provide cooling benefits.

GelDefenderTM Skull Caps are so light players will hardly notice them. They fit youths and adults with four head sizes, 6 to 8. The Skull Caps cover the side of the head above the ears, as well as the temples, the forehead, and the rear and crown of the head.

Click here for our video on how to wear GelDefenderTM Skull Caps..