geldefender® skull caps

Extra head padding when you
need it

Sports Injuries are frequent and often serious

Today’s athletes are bigger, stronger and faster, so collisions are more violent than ever before. Televised extreme sports excite kids to attempt gravity-defying skateboard and bike tricks.

Helmets are designed to protect against head injuries ranging from bumps and scrapes to more serious impacts. The GelDefender® skull caps were created to provide an extra layer of safety in sports and recreation activities.


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The geldefender® skull caps use Impact Gel® To Cool, Comfort and Pad

GelDefender® skull caps are made from Impact Gel®—a product derived from natural oils with exceptional properties for dissipating the energy from impacts. GelDefender® skull caps are so light players will hardly notice them.

GelDefender® skull caps fit youths and adults with four head sizes, 6 to 8. They cover the side of the h ead above the ears, as well as the temples, the forehead, and the rear and crown of the head.


Not only do GelDefender® skull caps add lightweight padding, but the Impact Gel® also cushions against rigid helmet interiors and helps players stay cool. See the Test Results page for more details on cooling tests with helmets and caps.


GelDefender® products may be cleaned by wiping with soap and water or a liquid dishwashing detergent. GelDefender® skull caps are durable and need replacement only when wear and tear is obvious.