Following Week 2, 15% of NFL players are injured

Following Week 2 of the NFL season, 15 percent of its players have suffered injuries, according to reports.


Going into the week, 234 players were already out with injuries (12 of them concussions) from the preseason and Week 1, and another 16 were removed from play with injuries over the weekend. The numbers, unfortunately, are consistent with past seasons, despite several new rule changes the league made in March to reduce the number of injuries.


The NFL claims that its efforts over the last several years have had an impact on the number of concussions, but there’s no denying that the sport is dangerous for its players’ heads. It was recently reported that 95.6 percent of the NFL players who have been tested postmortem for CTE had the disease. Time will tell how much of an affect the league’s measures and the players’ awareness are having on that statistic.


*Scientists have no conclusive evidence as to whether or how the reduction of g-forces during impacts reduces the number or degree of concussions and head injuries. GelDefender products provide supplemental padding as well as cooling and comfort benefits when used with helmets and caps. Participants in activities in which head impacts can occur should always use tested and approved helmets for protection. However, no helmet or supplemental padding can protect the user from all serious head or neck injuries that can result from impacts.