Padding Baseball Caps Across America: Minnesota


Next on our tour of American baseball we will move westward to a baseball anomaly: Minnesota.


It’s hard to imagine Minnesota as a great baseball state, but we are recognizing it for one particular quirk. Of the seven states without Minor League teams, Minnesota has the distinction of being the only one with a Major League team: the Twins. And just because it is not one of the most noted states in the sport does not mean that there is no talent among its youth.


Take the team from Mounds View High School, for instance. The Mustangs had a very solid 13-4 season, climbing their way to the number one spot in the state and the 34 spot in the country. They finished the year in June by winning the 2013 Class AAA championship for the state in a 8-0 win against Rocori High Spartans.



Baseball is and always will be a staple of the American culture, so we want to keep players from little league all the way to the majors outfitted with  GelDefender head pads to  extra padding, comfort and cooling while  playing the sport that they and the rest of America love.


*Scientists have no conclusive evidence as to whether or how the reduction of g forces during impacts reduces the number or degree of concussions and head injuries. GelDefenderTM products provide supplemental padding as well as cooling and comfort benefits when used with helmets and caps. Participants in activities in which head impacts can occur should always use tested and approved helmets for protection. However, no helmet or supplemental padding can protect the user from all serious head or neck injuries that can result from impacts.