Playing through a concussion could double recovery time

Concussion victims could take twice as long to recover if they continue physical activity after the injury, a new study says.


The study found that the average recovery time in student athletes who played through a concussion (for an average of 19 minutes) was 44 days, whereas those who left play immediately only took an average of 22 days to recover. Tests given both a week and a month after a concussion also showed that continuing play led to impaired mental function.


While most athletes, parents, and coaches know about the long-term dangers of traumatic brain injuries by this point, concussions are still mishandled in many cases. But with this evidence that a mere 20 extra minutes in a game after a concussion could lead to more than 20 extra days benched, perhaps the players will be a little more cautious. If the long-term consequences of ignoring concussions aren’t motivation enough, hopefully the short-term play time loss will be.


*Scientists have no conclusive evidence as to whether or how the reduction of g-forces during impacts reduces the number or degree of concussions and head injuries. GelDefender products provide supplemental padding as well as cooling and comfort benefits when used with helmets and caps. Participants in activities in which head impacts can occur should always use tested and approved helmets for protection. However, no helmet or supplemental padding can protect the user from all serious head or neck injuries that can result from impacts.